Friday, August 29, 2014

The blinding hatred of the C3G2 hate site: False car allowance allegations.

One of the many problems these scum have is, frankly, they don't know what the hell they're babbling about.

The falsely named Clark County Citizens for Good Governance will throw anything up, true, or false, if they think it makes David Madore look bad.

As a leftist partisan hate site, I suppose that sort of thing is to be expected.  But the unbelievable nonsense they're spewing as they lie about "the commissioners" getting a car allowance is absurdity wrapped in their typical stupidity, rife with idiotic questions like this moron:

He doesn't.  He doesn't accept the car allowance.

But you leftists are just too stupid to grasp that while he doesn't... Betty Sue Morris, Craig Pridemore, Judie Stanton, Steve Stuart and Marc Boldt sure did... and Ed Barnes does now... and Craig Pridemore will again if he's elected.

And how many months did they each get that, month in... and month out?

Well, wasn't Betty Sue a commissioner for 96 months?

At a minimum, she accepted $600 a month, I'm thinking.  That looks like $57,600 or so to me.

Same with Pridemore  Same with Stuart.  Same with Stanton.  Same with Boldt.  Same now with Ed Barnes.

ALSO same with whoever the treasurer is... so how long has democrat Doug Lasher been in office collecting his car allowance?  ALSO the same with anyone else elected to a county-wide office. How long have all of those elected to county offices collected it, regardless of party?

Where was the outrage of these scum when it was leftists holding these offices?

No where.

It's not just that these leftist, partisans act on hate.  It's that they are so ignorant and so gullible and SO partisan, not to mention so hypocritical, that these same low lifes never uttered a PEEP when it was their people going for this money... and I have yet to see where Pridemore, who sucked that cash teat like a hungry calf, has done anything to claim that in the unfortunate event he is elected, he'll do what Madore has done and reject HIS car allowance.

Good God, but these people are slimy.  If they had any shame, they should display it.

But lying scum do not.  of course, if they had any shame, they'd shut down their hate site.  But, well, you know how that goes.

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