Monday, July 21, 2014

There really is no lie that psychotic Winningham won't tell. The question is, why?

Legendary for lying essentially every time her lips moved at the democrat goat rope a few months back, Bully Loserham's no-traction ego-maniacal lie of a campaign continues at the crippled rate it can go, given her lack of money and support.

Starting with the fact unions overlook: that this psycho-dem enslaves thousands of people working at jobs Intel has outsourced (50,000 or so, if memory serves... odd that labor hasn't been concerned about that... but then, leftist political bigotry is rather situational.) to her incessant lies about our Liz Pike, this witch has shown herself utterly unfit for elective office anywhere... to anything.

Of all of the videos Bully points out, she never points to this one:  (I wonder why?)

The lies of Maureen Winningham:

Bully Winningham has lied in every conceivable way about every possible position our Liz takes or has taken.

These lies include:
While my opponent is against regulation at all costs
The proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver is an example of an unnecessary threat to our community. 
My opponent is against all regulations that would stop firearms from falling into the wrong hands
Her irrational refusal to set aside extreme ideology and discuss any fresh ideas is not responsible
Teachers are not responsible for the "for the demise of education" in America that my opponent claims! 
Transportation should not a partisan issue. My opponent refused to collaborate on this and actively worked to undermine transportation and infrastructure projects that would maintain our roads and keep us safe. 
My opponent has received large donations from insurance companies and feels she can impose her personal, religious beliefs on her constituents.
access to healthcare is a basic right - not an opportunity to judge or condemn
Governor Inslee's moratorium is a good opportunity for us to take a step back from this process and look at the realities of the death penalty.
My opponent proposed a bill to cut the minimum wage to $6.99/hour and admitted that she proposed this bill - which would financially cripple thousands of Washingtonians - at the request of the restaurant industry,
The science is in. To debate Climate Change distracts us from actually solving it.
My opponent takes money from Big Oil which has a vested interest in denying climate change in order to prevent or stall solutions from being implemented. 
Respect is like oxygen - when it is missing, it is the only thing you can think about. If a representative is more tied to ideology than constituents,
It's difficult to find this many lies and this much rank hypocrisy in one place from one candidate at one time.

It's the typical leftist scum we've become used to since the only democrats allowed to run in the 18th are the fringe-left nutberger variety like Moeller, Cleveland, Briggs and now Bully Winningham.

One has to wonder: why are these slime reduced to a campaign of lies?  Why are they deliberately lying, exaggerating and misrepresenting the issues?

Is their reliance on the Goebbelian theory that if you have to lie often enough, long enough and loudly enough that it becomes the truth all they've got?

Bully Loserham hasn't offered a thing.  She's got no ideas, no alternatives, no nothing but to rape our wallets even more, harm the middle class even more and lie... and lie... and lie.

Vote for her?

I'd rather vote for a box of rocks.

At least they'd be honest.

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