Monday, July 21, 2014

The fiction of Brandon Vick: Where's the 18th District endorsements?

So... who's endorsed this guy?

Better yet, who HASN'T?

His seat mates.

House GOP leadership has endorsed him... but seriously, do they really have a choice?

Who hasn't?

Where, for example, is Senator Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers' endorsement?

Why doesn't he have it?

Where's his seat-mate's endorsement, that of Representative Liz Pike?

NEITHER have endorsed him.  Why?  What do they know that he doesn't want YOU to know?

That's a sorry state of affairs.

In fact, it kinda looks like Vick is the ONLY House member NOT endorsed by his seat mates from the same Caucus in EITHER party

Why?  Why?  Why?

That they haven't speaks volumes.

"proven leadership."

Proven to who?  Proven BY who?
Oliver: prospective state rep.

He's led absolutely nothing in the House, and his chairmanship of the Clark GOP was an abysmal disaster.

"critically experienced?"


And what the hell, exactly, does THAT mean?

"uniquely qualified."

That's a crock.  He's mailed it in since he got elected and my cavalier spaniels (well, the male, anyway... the female is as much a pushover as Brandon is) could have done a better job.

Any idiot could have been elected and then done nothing for an entire year... precisely like Brandon.

Don't make a mistake like this again.  Don't vote for Vick.  He's there for the wrong reasons, he brags far too much for doing far too little and we need someone up there who will actually work... and not just mail it in.

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