Friday, July 18, 2014

Pro-Charter scammers cranking up the big bucks.

Well, it looks like the haters over at C3G2 will be well-financed in their attempt at a legal coup to overturn GOP control of county government.

Using the ClarkBackwards label first set up by Greg Kimsey and Steve "Slimeball" Stuart, both of whom were rabid CRC Scammers and both of who want to get rid of Madore and Mielke at least in part because of their so-far successful opposition to that rip off, over $50,000 has been raised so they can lie about the charter scam.

The usual hate mongers are there: B.S. Morris is running the show from the fringe-left, joined by a figurehead Gary Lucas, one of the bigger RINOs around here... financed by most of the usual suspects mightily pissed off at the failure of the CRC Scam, including $10,000 each from Ed Lynch and David Nierenberg as well as Kuni Automotive among others.

And that, of course, is but one of the reasons this primary is so important: when the leftists get crushed, that will send them a message that their charter scam is going down with them.

On the plus side, the money they waste on their charter scam won't go to financing leftists.  And that works for me.

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