Thursday, July 17, 2014

More of Lefty Lou's rank hypocrisy: the curse of speculation on the Silliman hiring.

Those of us who've read the rag have seen it repeatedly.  One case that came to mind was the pass Lefty gave to one Jim Jacks, forced to resign from the House because of his alcohol-fuel mistreatment of female staff.

"Speculation" as to the reasons for his resignation was banned outright:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More rank hypocrisy from the democratian: Can't speculate on Jacks abandoning his office, but "Rumors fly about Easter morning fire that killed six"

The two faces of our local rag couldn't be any clearer than the institutional double standard they've shown on the Jacks cover up.

See, as part of that cover up of Jim Jacks leaving the legislature due to his misconduct, commenters on the article were told this by democratian staffers:

But then what to my wandering eyes appears tonight on the fish wrapper's web site? 
Rumors fly about Easter morning fire that killed six
Police wait for identification by medical examiner
So, when it's a democrat politician, speculation is not allowed.

But when it isn't, speculation is not only allowed... it's ENCOURAGED, and the rag actually does a story about it.  

Nope.  No cover up here.  Double standard?  Are you kiddin' me?

It's not just hypocrisy or a double standard.  It's the kind of slimy paper that truly is a cancer on our community... and one involved in an obvious cover up.

There's no excuse here.  None.  But it's the kind of thing we've grown to expect from the democrat version of Pravda Izvestia.
So, what's the headline on the Silliman hiring?

Politically motivated job offer by county commissioners?

County extends offer sheet to former freeholder, one-time Republican House candidate

So, tell me... when Axel Swanson was hired for the same position after holding up his end of the deal on the Boldt-Herrera appointment, was this the headline in the newspaper?

Of course not.  After all, Alex is a democrat.  And democrats are... well... "different" around democratianville.

So, from all of this, we can take away the following: "speculation" is bad whenever anyone but the scum running the rag does it... and this newspaper has no proof of any kind whatsoever that Silliman's hiring was politically motivated.

But the rag doesn't care.  When it comes to their hypocrisy, which knows no bounds, there's no double standard they won't implement, no speculation THEY won't engage in.... that sort of thing, however, is denied the unwashed masses.

This isn't the only example of Brancaccio's hypocrisy: there are, of course, volumes of other efforts on his behalf.

One wonders: what would the rag have written if the commissioners had hired one of the haters off the C3G2 hate site?

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