Thursday, July 17, 2014

One of the C3G2 hate meisters adds John "pit yorkie" Laird to their hate group.

You all remember the democratian master of hate speech, John "pit yorkie" Laird, don't you?

I suppose that I shouldn't have been surprised that Laird popped up in the C3G2 scum skimmer:

It's not surprising that he'd wash up somewhere like this group.

Best known for attacking anyone smart enough to oppose his grand plan of ramming a CRC/loot rail scam down this community's throat without asking us, the pit yorkie's embarrassment at having his dream crushed led to him labeling the tens of thousands of us opposed to his fringe-left utopia as "cockroaches." 

Well, Laird is the very kind of scumbag that populates the more active members of this Madore hate group, but I'm sure that others of his ilk will be along directly.

Imagine: a rank hypocrite like Laird complaining about Madore banning him.

Get used to it, Laird: no one wants to hear your hate babble.

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