Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Need another reason to vote against Bully Winningham? Here ya go!

If ever anyone needed a reason to ignore Bully Loserham's name on the ballot, here ya go!

It's bad enough to be the biggest liar local democrats ever ran: but to be endorsed by an avowed enemy of the 18th District?

Pollard has screwed the people of this county, including the 18th District, so badly it'll take decades to get over it.  In everything from the scam of the Pollard Hilton to the scam of the CRC/Loot rail rip off, Pollard has been doing his best to nail us... and our wallets... to the wall.

And for Bully to be PROUD of it?

Bully's got the tinnest ear in politics I've seen since Marc Boldt got his political head caved in 2 years ago.  

And if ever anyone needed a reason to vote against this moron, getting an endorsement from a leftist slimeball like No Choice Royce will make that happen.

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