Thursday, July 17, 2014

More abysmal fund raising for the M&M Twins.

There's bad.  Then there's M&M Twin bad.

So far this month, Mussolini Mikey Briggs has raised a grand total of...

... $100.

In the last month, Mussolini has raised a total, from all sources, of $1450.

Bully Winningham has done somewhat better... though God knows why, given her well-documented problem with the truth and all:  This month, she's put together $1905.

Take out the democrat money (Odd that Mikey isn't showing the big check from those Trumaners) and she's scammed a whole $665.

This month.

Rep. Liz Pike has raised $18,000 plus this month, most of it from regular people and most of it on one day.

Money isn't everything, to be sure.  Just ask Joe Tanner.

But you've got to wonder: will either of these clowns break 40% on August 5th?

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