Thursday, July 17, 2014

Are we in the Twilight Zone?

So, I woke up this morning... hit the office... did my usual news recon... and the thought struck me: This... is... The Twilight Zone.


Our country is circling the drain; we're drowning in debt, we have zero border security, our own government is gutting the military by doing nothing for homeless veterans while we waste billions on illegal aliens, our own government intercepts every communication in a blatant violation of our constitutional rights... our economy is a shambles, our foreign policy is an ongoing train wreck... we grow weaker while those who would destroy us grow stronger.

Remember when gasoline went over $3 per gallon and the left flipped out?

Well, it's over $4 a gallon now, and those same people are silent.

Our local government ignores the citizenry and the one government level actually responsive to the people is vilified in almost every imaginable way by people filled with hatred for them generally, and loathing for the majorities who voted them into office...

So much hatred that they hypocritically want to change the entire government structure because of who we elected.

Politics by hatred.  Politics by emotion and anger.  And it never changes... except for the worse.

It's a nightmare that goes on and on... with no end in sight but our destruction.

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