Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Light rail scammers will now dump their support, right? 20 dead, 150 injured in Moscow light rail (subway) derailment.

That's right: 20 dead, 150 injured in Moscow light rail derailment.

Now, keeping with the fringe-left meme, that's a reason to dump light rail, isn't it?

I mean, after all, many of these same idiots act terrified of the oil they use (Rather hypocritical, that... but hey, one typically has to be a hypocrite to be a leftist, right?) because of derailments... THEY use it as a bogus reason not to allow the oil terminal here, shouldn't the same thing apply to their precious loot rail?

It won't, of course: that's the problem with situational ethics.  That's the problem with the institutional double-standard of the left.  And that's why none of the scum shilling the CRC Ripoff will apply the same criteria to loot rail as they do to anything to the right of Mao.

The incessant whining, bi9tching and moaning without any alternatives presented grows tiring.  It doesn't weaken the opposition to the left's idiocy: in fact, it emboldens it.

The lack vision and courage from the extremely sub-par crop of candidates this year is disturbing.  Are things that bad for the leftists that that THIS crop of road kill is the best they can do around here?

Tsk, tsk.

Everyone is watching.  And windows such as this are slamming shut on leftist fingers everywhere.

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