Monday, July 14, 2014

Lies acceptable to the C3G2 hate group.

Part and parcel of being a hate group is that lying, exaggerating, twisting the facts and the like is required.  Add to the the implementation of the institutional double standard necessary for that ilk to avoid holding themselves accountable for that which they claim everyone they disagree with is engaging in, and voila!

Recently, for example, Commissioner David Madore made the absolutely proper decision to ban any members from the hate group from his facebook page due to their efforts to hijack his posts on his own private facebook page.

That Madore has been banned from the C3G2 hate group page as a matter of policy is neither here nor there; these rank fringe-left hypocrites blew a gasket when they found themselves treated the same way they treat him.

Another episode is the reaction of these same scum to the posts on their facebook page from an individual smart enough to disagree with them... while doing the precise same thing the fake named-fringe-left poster in question is doing.

To avoid the issues brought up for discussion, they chose, instead, to attack me... because I used a made up name at the time.


But let one of THEM use a fake name, and well, THAT is just fine.

That's a lie, of course.  And, naturally, using it which is perfectly OK when the C3G2 scum agree with you is part and parcel of what a hate group does.

But the rank double standard aspect?

Well, that's just par for the course of the fringe-left nutters infesting us... like the clown singled out here... who is likely a C3G2 member with another name... filled with hate and vitriol... sounding a great deal like Johnson... but uncared about by these worms because they agree with his hatred of all things GOP.

It never ends.

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