Monday, July 14, 2014

Mystery solved: Herrera's leftist positions results in slavish devotion from the democratian.

Not surprisingly, the local rag furthered the fake Republican meme as they continue their bizarre, slavish devotion to the worthless, do-nothing cardboard cut-out of a congresswoman who blatantly puts her career ahead of being a mother of a dying infant while using the child as a campaign prop and who has all the intellectual capacity of a board fence combined with the same level of cowardice of a Gibraltar Rock Ape.

Naturally, every fringe-left thing she did drew kudos from the Lazy C, given their unarguably typical leftist bent:
Herrera Beutler, who is seeking a third term in office, has carved out a position that is rare these days as a moderate Republican.
Let's remember, kids, when this moron got the appointment to the state house that was set up by Cathy McMorris and Marc Boldt back in 07, this same rag described this worthless idiot as a "young 'family values' conservative" when she scammed the job back in 07, has, to the giddy excuse of a local newspaper, morphed into a "moderate Republican."

Also known as a RINO.
While some have questioned her moderate credentials, her voting record and the list of bills she has sponsored or co-sponsored confirms her relative bona fides in terms of seeking compromise and reaching out to Democrats. Last year, when Republicans forced a shutdown of the federal government in an effort to scuttle the Affordable Care Act, Herrera Beutler said, "Nothing positive will be achieved by prolonging this shutdown any longer, or crossing the debt limit threshold. It's time for my colleagues to face reality."
 Oh... you mean when Herrera caved to her fellow leftists... again?

The fact that Herrera never did a thing about the CRC./Loot Rail scam except get spanked by multiple CRC Scammers in an embarrassing non-performance as Tim "The Liar" Leavitt kicked her political face in... repeatedly... while she, much to the thrill of the local rag... left the heavy lifting on locally killing the CRC Scam to Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers (Who obviously SHOULD be our congresswoman) and Sen. Don Benton during the entire 7 years she's been, to our misfortune, our representative in Congress
Still, Herrera Beutler adheres to Republican philosophies. She believes Obamacare should be repealed, she criticizes oppressive regulations that hurt job growth and she supports the proposed Keystone pipeline.
That's as much a lie as the typical claim from Lefty Lou that he's non-partisan.

That this description also applies to some democrats begs the issue: are those democrats adhering to "Republican philosophies?"

At the end of the day, Herrera has proven herself to be a worthless, back-bench wallflower who uses her own flesh and blood as a campaign prop while she governs via press release and does her best to make people believe she's actually working for us while supporting our positions.

It's not even subtle political jujitsu.  And she is no more fit to be in Congress then she is to perform an intestinal resection.

Our unfortunate situation here, of course, is that we have precisely no one to vote for.

Like all democrats locally, Bob Dingethal is too much of a coward to hold elective office, disrespecting prospective constituents by ignoring their questions because of his fear of fallout from his undoubtedly unpopular positions.

That he claims he'll hold open town hall meetings that the coward Herrera is terrified of, isn't enough of a reason to vote for him given his failures in other areas.

But the rag wants these two because, primarily, they get a fringe-leftist no matter which one of the two get the gig.

Piece of cake.

Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse is getting my vote again this year.  And that's such a shame.

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