Tuesday, July 15, 2014

As expected, the two leftists in the 18th get the democratian endorsement.

It would be difficult to argue that Brandon Vick's tenure as 18th District State Representative has been anything but an abysmal waste of time, effort and energy and anything BUT effective representation.

Vick sits on six legislative committees, but accomplished nothing on any of them, and, of course, only "sits" on those committees as the kind of eyewash that the democratian uses to attempt to justify their support of this Jaime Herrera wannabe.

And while he boasts that he "didn't miss any votes," as always, that's meaningless given the ability of his seat mate to vote for him, like Ridgefield Barbie's seat mate voted for her while she was out fundraising for her congressional run.

Vick, an alleged Republican, did absolutely nothing to kill the CRC and, in fact, wasted the entirety of his first year in office claiming that his deliberate failure to introduce any legislation of any kind during that year was based on:
“You can write a bill for whatever you want; whether you should write a bill is the question,” said Vick, who is serving his first term in the Legislature.  
Vick said that he didn't see a point in proposing a bill if it had no chance of passing. Democrats have a majority in the state House, which can make it more difficult for Republicans to pass their proposals.
Did that stop him in his second year there?

Of course not.

So, what we have is Jaime-light, a do-nothing wallflower who accomplished absolutely nothing during his abysmal tenure.

The rag's description of Vick as "... a critic of the proposed Columbia River Crossing" misses the irony of the fact that while he may CLAIM he was a "critic," he can point to damned little that he even attempted to accomplish to do to change any of it.

Not unlike our hideous congressional representative who wants people to BELIEVE he opposed the CRC Scam, but who, during her abortive 7 years in office attempted/accomplished absolutely nothing to impact it in favor of the people.

The rag, of course, is aware of all of this: Vick is what's called a "fake" opponent, defined as one who did nothing to stop it but wants everyone to THINK he's done something.

The rag, of course, leaves out the fact that Briggs has been an utterly RABID supporter of the CRC Scam, AND loot rail, which, when combined with his democrat affiliation guaranteed his endorsement by the local democrat newsletter.

It's unlikely that the rag would make any effort to pin that simpering idiot down on what "balanced representation" is supposed to look like: Mussolini Mikey has never bothered to answer that question since its as much an outright lie as anything any democrat has ever uttered.

Mussolini lied directly to the faces of the editorial with the utterly incomprehensible cklaim that he  has "cultivated a broad base of support."

He has practically zero support.  He's broke, has never effectively raised money from this so-called "broad-base" he's lying about, has had to cancel a campaign kickoff because no one showed up, has a reputation out there where, in fact, he's equally dislike by people on all sides of the political spectrum.

He's a fringe-left nutter in a conservative district and the rag has a better chance of losing it's overt bias (which is impossible) than Mussolini does of actually winning.

A so-called "nuanced approach" is meaningless when you don't show up, don't do anything when you do show up, have political views much more aligned with downtown Seattle, and are as self-delusional as Eric Cantor.

John Ley is the real deal.  Vick is a fake, a pretender to the throne.  Mussolini Mikey Briggs is a fringe-left whack job who would eagerly ignore the people of this district and vote to ram the CRC Scam down our throats.

Fortunately, Mussolini has no chance of election.  And to anyone in the GOP who follows along with what Vick has been in Olympia, you know that deep down in your heart Vick has been mailing it in since we were unfortunate enough to have him win in the election.

Neither Vick nor Briggs have offered any alternative to the CRC Scam... as if that were the only solution available.  That, alone, is reason enough to support Ley.

In this instance, the fringe-left endorsement should be reason enough to vote against both Vick and Briggs in the 18th.

We can do better and John Ley is that.

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