Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Is it just a matter of confusion by the haters at C3G2?

"The C3G2 hate group doth protest too much, methinks."

From the play Trashit - Billy "Hinton" Shakespere.

We have never seen the likes of the ongoing hypocrisy of this hate group.

In a scene reminiscent of trolling a Linda Smith Voodoo doll (Made famous at the state democrat convention back in 1996 if memory serves) holding the haters accountable from that group has caused their collective heads to explode.

That they ARE a hate group is indisputable.  They, of course, hide behind the fact that they haven't been recognized as such by anyone per se', but when you post threats like this:

it's really difficult to stick to your claim that your group of haters is just about "good governance" instead of, well, the political assassination of a sitting county commissioner... kind of a Lefty Lou Brancaccio-lite.

It has nothing to do with "good governance" as they claim: it, instead, has to do with weakening the conservative dominance of the county commission and reestablishing democrat control over that government level.

One of the gates at the Dachau Concentration Camp.
Calling this group anything that has to do with "good governance" really isn't that different that actually believing the "Arbeit macht frei" sign at Dachau.

Meanwhile, they scream like cut cats because Madore has made the decision to ban members of that hate group from his own, personal, private, facebook page.

And they don't like that one bit.

That's really too bad.

But here's the thing:  David Madore's facebook page is no more or less private that that of the hate group under discussion.  Yet they have no trouble whatsoever banning Madore from commenting on THEIR page.

And that's when it hit me: this has nothing to do with "good governance."  This, instead, has to do with whipping up the ignorant, hating leftists in an effort to overturn the 2012 election where they LOST, also in part due to their fringe-left hatred of anything with an "R" after its name (35,273 under votes (Made up of primarily democrat voters who couldn't bring themselves to vote for fellow democrat Marc Boldt because he foolishly kept an "R$" after his name in the most recent election) can't be all wrong, right, fellas?) and that's what this is all about.

Reading the comments on the hate site about the county charter effort, it's clear that they rabidly support that scam... NOT because it's the best thing for the people of Clark County, but because they believe it will weaken David Madore's impact on county government.

They just lack the guts to be honest and truthful about it.

But then... they're leftists.  And since when have they been honest or truthful about anything?

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Lew Waters said...

They lean on a membership of some 500 as if that proves something.

Yet, maybe 20 is all that comment or post.

That is their real membership.