Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The fringe left haters over at C3G2 prove the allegation to be correct. Thanks, Ron Goodman!

Lew Waters came up with this little tidbit a bit ago that goes right to the heart of the matter: C3G2 is a hate group with a hate site:

First of all, threatening an elected official isn't a game; it's a felony.

Second, this is the kind of hate they spew over there on a frequently daily basis.

Thirdly, the rank, reeking hypocrisy of these scum are boiling over: They're pissed because they're banned from Madore's PRIVATE Facebook page PRECISELY like THEY have banned HIM from THEIR private facebook page.

Hate.  It's what they are.  It's what they do.  It's political hate that would put a grin on Goebbel's face.

They lie, they exaggerate, they try to intimidate and now...

.... they threaten.


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