Saturday, July 19, 2014

HHhhmmmm.... C3G2 seems upset with me.

As a hate site, biased, one-sided and slanted information is, of course, their stock and trade.

For example, on of their hatemeisters rather hypocritically put this garbage up:

Actually, with a name like "Citizen's for good governance," what Green should have written is this:

"it's no secret that as a politically bigoted hate site devoted to attacking conservatives," Green offers this typically scummy, one-sided bullshit as a justification of their hate.

As a commenter pointed out below that stupidity,
Gary Hollmer I thought this was a forum promoting good government, not sleazy attacks on responsible citizens!
And, this being a hate site, the expected results came from that:
Ed Ruttledge >Gary Hollmer: Could you please clarify:
• Is the data captured in the charts incorrect?
• Who are the "responsible citizens" to which you refer?
• Is the data captured in the charts incorrect?• Who are the "responsible citizens" to which you refer?
Melissa Smith Gary Hollmer what is so sleazy about showing the truth?
To which Gary replied:
Gary Hollmer The portrayal of the truth on this forum suggests that the contributions to listed candidates is bad. Responsible citizens: M, M, and B!
He then went on to get to the crux of the entire matter... and the basis for this hate groups very existence:
Gary Hollmer And, Ed, since C3G2 is "not" endorsing any candidate you should present a chart listing largest contributors to all candidates and a comparison of candidate to candidate contributions, just to be fair.
As a hate group, they have zero interest in BEING "fair."  "Fair" doesn't enter into it.  "Hate doesn't allow for "fair."

Which led to:
Austin Ancap As far as I know, anyone is welcome to find that information and share it. I hope you're motivated enough to try. Better someone did this than nothing at all.
Andrew Cleveland Thanks for this. Can't say I'm surprised at their financial endorsements.
To which Gary pointed out the obvious:
Gary Hollmer Since the "protected" individual presented these charts, he/she should present additional data in fairness. I, frankly, do not care, except that the charts appear to be unfair.
Which goes back to my initial observation: hate groups don't give a damn about "fair."

This, of course, nails the issue: this hate group isn't about "Good Governance," as I have been saying all along: it is ONLY about an effort to politically neuter 3 conservatives.  That's what this hate group exists for... and that's what the charter exists to do.  And that's the only reason these fringe-left nutters now rabidly support that which they rabidly opposed just 3 short years ago.

And yes... it is indeed "sleazy."  Considering the variety of language these scum typically use, I would venture to say that's the least they could be called.

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