Saturday, July 19, 2014

Correcting another C3G2 misconception:

Chuck Green seems to be a bit miffed about my accurate assessment that C3G2 is a hate group.

It's a group populated by active fringe-left nutters who hate David Madore, Tom Mielke and Don Benton with a passion and who, finally, even have admitted that they exist essentially to stalk those 3 individuals... which has nothing to do with "good governance" as much as it does the democrat-fringe left meme.

Chuck seems terribly worried about what I say and how I say it... though not to so much about how any of their fellow fringe-leftists or the ilk of Lefty Lou may characterize our conservative commissioners, seem all butt hurt about the words I use... even going so far as to visit my little blog (You know... the blog that no one reads and everyone gets upset about?  That blog?)

Of course, being a hate site requires hypocrisy of this sort, I suppose.

As for me, I am not now nor ever going to run for anything; I am not claiming to be one thing while I am distinctly something else, thus lying about what this blog is and what it's for, and I do not have to write to suit anyone... any more than the C3G2 hate site has to write to suit me.

I appreciate their obsession with me, I suppose: but unlike them, I am not out for partisan destruction of anyone personally or politically.  When you lie about someone like they so frequently do, when your entire purpose for being is someone's political destruction not because they deserve it (Since if they did, that would be huge across both sides of the political spectrum) but because of your own political bigotry, then yes, you are a hate site... and those there or who utilize their "facts" support that kind of political hate.

Yes, I am allowed to post on Commissioner Madore's facebook page.  And I am allowed to do so frankly, I suppose, because unlike the scum in C3G2, I don't hate him, wish him ill, or want to see him destroyed.

Clearly, when it comes to this hate site, I obviously need to ramp up my adjectives a bit more, given how inadequate they truly are in describing what these people are and what they are attempting to do under the cover of a complete lie of a name.

But this?  (This example from one of Chuck's rants about little ol' me)

As two of the haters pointed out below in the post before this one:
Ed Ruttledge >Gary Hollmer: Could you please clarify:
• Is the data captured in (my comment) incorrect?
Melissa Smith Gary Hollmer what is so sleazy about showing the truth?
I stated the truth.  No one posting below my comment, on the C3G2 hate site or on any website anywhere else that's a leftist has offered any alternative to the CRC/loot rail scam.

I disagree with the commenter Fred King.  He offers zero evidence to support his position, but those supporting loot rail have no such evidence.

Nevertheless, I would go along with a vote of the people on the subject as long as it were binding.

And I have yet to see any leftist anywhere say the same.  What we have seen are huge efforts by the left to first, keep us from having any say, and then second, ridiculing and ignoring us when we've actually voted at the polls.

However, all the time they spend whining about me is, I suppose time they don't spend lying by commission or omission about the Commissioners.  So, I suppose it has some good to it. 

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