Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bully Winningham: lives by the lie... and her political career will die with the lie.

It's no secret that the C3G2 hate site lies about their name and usually about their purpose.  As a fringe-left political hate site, that sort of thing is to be expected.

But to rely on  that one-sided garbage as a reason for anything?

Look, it's been shown that Bully is, essentially, a psychotic political liar.  She refuses to answer questions (Since she has no answers) and I do look forward to her political destruction.

Every fringe-left politician and organization in the world shows on her endorsement list, which just serves to reinforce her lack of fitness to represent the conservative 18th District... so why does she nail her own political coffin lid shut by using the lies and one-sided bullshit from the C3G2 hate group?

These same scum have no trouble whatsoever with fringe-leftist nutjobs like Bully being funded by unions or any other of the fringe-left groups out there.

If they had any concern with money in politics, they would avoid their usual hypocrisy and apply that concern to both sides... and not just the ones they hate.

But then mental cases frequently have this kind of problem... and double standard.

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