Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Brancaccian Hypocrisy?

Lefty Lou went to great pains to engage in a, relatively speaking, passing brush with the Vancouver Soviet giving their city manager a wholly unearned and unneeded $30,000 raise.  You know, a kind of "see, I smack other people around, too... it's NOT just "Republicans" on the county commission shtick.

Of course, for every word he spent on the Vancouver commissars, he spent two wasting time retelling the fake sins of the current conservative commissioners.

Frankly, I have to wonder: why didn't he engage in some of that "torch and pitchfork" bullshit he did with the commissioners a while back?  Why didn't he do more than point out that the censorship-by-policy affect of The Liar Leavitt is designed not only to silence those citizens who disagree with his pathological lies on the CRC, but on ANY of his citizenry who disagrees with him about ANYTHING.

Lefty writes:
Politicians know there rarely are any lasting consequences.
Well, Lou, if they're your buddies, that's been your pattern since your regrettable arrival and implementation of your institutional double-standard.
When the Vancouver City Council gave the city manager a $30,000 a year raise (that's a 17 percent increase, for those doing the math) we did a big story on it. I also wrote a column questioning the logic of it.
One.  Once.

Compared to what you tried to do with Commissioners Madore and Mielke, that was even a paragraph.

And even when you did write about it, your tone was measured... your rank hypocrisy clear to all who've been unfortunate enough to read you for any length of time.
We even did an unscientific poll on our website, and more than 75 percent of the respondents said the city manager was not worth that kind of raise. More than 1,400 votes were recorded.
Since your polls are utterly worthless, why would anyone pay any attention to them?

Hell, you don't think BALLOTS are worth a damn as far as that goes, since you ignore the will of the people of this community as much as those you're acting upset with do... and you have for years.  Why would you expect the morons on the Vancouver Soviet to do any different?
So how much outrage was out there? Did residents storm the city council to voice displeasure?
Did you treat them the same way as Madore and Mielke?  Did you jackhammer the city council repeatedly like you've done to them?

Have you come up with any despicable nicknames for those morons, or for the head scumbag, The Liar himself?

Of course not.  In fact, you didn't expend 1/100th of the effort you blasted out against Madore by himself.  You did, in effect, nothing to whip up the morons who see you as some sort of arbiter of all things fair and just in Clark County.
Well, first residents had to deal with a strange set of circumstances if they were interested in banging these guys upside the head. The week after they stuffed a pile of money in the city manager's pocket, they took the next week off for a summer break. The next week after that — well — they don't meet on months that have a fifth Monday. It's the rules!
And you were not only fine with those rules, you advocated their implementation when those being punished and having their first amendment rights trampled were on the wrong side of your issue.
The week after that, they held a meeting — but it wasn't one of the ones where comments are allowed on any topic.
So what?  That worked for you when they implemented it.
So it was a full month before any possible outcry would be heard from citizens.
To this day, I simple don't understand why the commissioners don't implement the exact same policy.  After all, if they did, YOU wouldn't complain, would you, Lefty?

You didn't have a problem with it when Leavitt did it, now did you?
And I swear on all of their reputations this was just pure coincidence!
So on the fourth week, apparently the citizens rested. Not a peep.
And in the interim, you hypocritical scumbag, how many MORE columns did you do beating up the city council for this idiocy and massive waste of our money?


And how many more columns did you do beating up the dead horse of the commissioners?

Three?  Four?

And that's the thing: you and your fellow fringe-left nutters let the city council off the hook because they are, after all, fellow fringe-left nutjobs.  It's that institutional double standard you're so famous for.

That's why you've let Leave-it off the hook.  He's a lying scumbag... but it's perfectly OK when he lies and ignores the will of the people on the issues YOU want him to.

Those morons did this, in part, because the left knows they've got you in their pockets... and they can do any damned thing they please: from lie to engage in misfeasance or malfeasance to assault legislative staffers and you've... got.... their... back.

Just like it's genetically impossible for you to tell the truth when it hurts your agenda... and genetically impossible for you to even remotely acknowledge, in the midst of your anti-Madore jihad that they EVER do plaything right... it's also been proven impossible for you and the rag and that band of fringe-left pirates working for you to keep your fricking opinion out of the news, since no one cares about it, it's genetically impossible for you to treat your buddies on the city council the saqme way you treat Madore...EVEN AFTER YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THEY'VE SCREWED THE POOCH.

And unless you treat them the EXACT same way, week after week, column after column... then, well, it just goes to reenforce that what's driving your pathological ass is your political bigotry.

But then, we knew that anyway, right, Lefty?

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