Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bully is likely picking out her rope:150 of Liz Pike's closest friends showed up for a fund raiser last night.

(UPDATE: Rep. Pike raised $17,000 plus.


I almost pity Bully Loserham (Maureen Winningham) and her fake, lying effort of a campaign.

Starting off with a horrific series of lies at the democrat goat rope, Bully Loserham's entire campaign has been one series of lies after the other.

And her abysmal fundraising efforts show that.  (Bully has raised a total of $14,236... including $435... total... since the 19th of June.


I wouldn't be surprised if our Liz raised more last night in one event than Bully has raised for the entirety of her "campaign."

That sort of thing can happen when the people respect and admire their state representative... and despise a lowlife leftist who would be a better fit representing the ghetto mentality of the 49th than a district where people work hard, pay taxes, and support the others the way Bully wants her buddies supported.

By the way, Bully?  You never have explained why you've lied so much about the job training you do for the thousands of jobs your employer has outsourced to India... and why you lied so much about Bangalore.

Tsk, tsk.

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