Sunday, July 13, 2014

More fringe-left hypocrisy about Madore.

Hatred is a tough nut to crack.  Leftist scum infesting us here locally are driven by it, they attack and vilify Commissioner David Madore while giving DEMOCRAT Commissioner Ed Barnes a complete and total pass.

Most of these slime hang out on the C3G2 hate site: most will never approve of anything Madore does or says, because hatred drives people to that kind of idiotic, but all-too-typical leftist attitude.

Today's example is the article wherein the commissioners, in toto, have made the decision to continue their correct prohibition against allowing the illegal production, processing or sale of pot or pot related products.

The hate that followed exclusively blamed Madore for this unanimous, bi-partisan position which is obviously the correct decision for anyone even vaguely familiar with how law works, instead of how their pot-Jones works.

But today's leftist hypocrisy is this:

In the article is the following quote:
"It's a direct and blunt communication," county Administrator Mark McCauley said of the letter to the liquor control board. 
The letter comes as two pot stores — Main Street Marijuana and New Vansterdam — start doing business in Vancouver and report brisk sales despite steep prices. 
Commissioner Ed Barnes said the letter will remind the state board of the county's position, which is that it will not allow recreational marijuana until the drug is legalized federally. Commissioners approved the zoning ordinance prohibiting recreational marijuana facilities on May 27.
Did Barnes OPPOSE this letter?  Does he oppose the position stated?

Don't think so.

So, who did the fringe-left nut jobs blame for this?


And who attacked Barnes?

No one.

Barnes, you see, is a democrat.  And if you're a democrat, double-standards are the order of the day.

Here's but a simple of the filth these ass-products produced:

  • Sandy Edmonson · Top Commenter · Mt. Tahoma High School
    Yep. The M&M Boys are real fiscally conservative alright. They'd much rather spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on yet another frivolous lawsuit than add income to the county coffers through the fees and taxes on the product. How was it we were paying for the incorrect decisions they've already made? Oh, that's right, increased fees on the general public and free rides for developers.
See Barnes' name in there?

Me neither.

Then THIS ignorant twit popped in:

You can't pull a recall out of your butt, Jack.  And furthermore, how likely is a recall about this subject when THIS county voted AGAINST this pot idiocy?

And then another leftist who views the law as merely a suggestion, to be ignored at whim.
See Barnes' name in there?

Me neither.

But, once again, when hate is what drives you...

  • Rory Bowman · Top Commenter
    Commissioners never pay for this, because they can pass all costs along.

    My understanding is that previous WSLCB regulations included language such as "shall" and did not provide wiggle room for "dry counties" because WSLCB is primarily a public-safety and health agency, who understands that the lack of a safe and legal supply encourages its opposite to no good purpose. As pleasant as it would be to see their smug faces slapped with yet *another* wasteful lawsuit, that would cost the county more than yet another "advisory vote."

    My hope is that the WSLCB or state legislature can make a minor change to stop this self-service grandstanding by the Counts of Clark County. If these twins wish to object, perhaps they could write a guest editorial or letter to the editor, because right now they are costing valuable business opportunities to farmers and others in unincorporated Clark County.

    I cannot wait to vote for a county charter that will dilute this moneyed Madore mania by (a) expanding the number of commissioners, (b) separating politics from administration and (c) providing some county initiative and referendum options. AFTER the charter has passed to dilute them, THEN I will be glad to see them tossed on the trash heap of previous embarrassments.
Of course, he's going to HAVE to wait... because the charter is likely to get clobbered.  And then what will he do?

Hey... maybe we can take up a collection to move his ass out?  Wouldn't THAT be cool?

  • Amy Simons · Top Commenter
    I cannot wait until we can vote these morons out for the horrid job they have done and the harm and expense (Benton, to name just one) they have heaped upon our county.
But like all of the other haters, she's going to HAVE to wait.  For a long, long, time.

  • Ed Ruttledge · Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington
    "I believe the county has the authority to undertake the zoning action it did..." says the County attorney.

    Yes yes yes. And that's what they said about the Benton "hire." And then they paid $250,000 to settle with a litigant.

    Adding the loss in excise tax revenue plus the potential cost of litigation and settlement, how much is this latest "stupid stuff" going to cost us? Anyone care to venture a number?
The "loss" of revenue that, under the circumstances, is illegal to collect because the product is illegal to sell means nothing to chief C3G2 hate group cheerleader Eddie.  Perhaps they can all bundle up their belongings in a station wagon and move up to Cowlitz.

And more fringe-left idiocy:
Yup.  The people of THIS county spoke volumes when they voted against legalization.

Don't like it?  Move your pot-addled brain somewhere else.

And even more stupidity:

  • Rory Bowman · Top Commenter
    I wish there were a statewide excise tax on David Madore's ego.
See Barnes' name in there?

Me neither.

But, once again, when hate is what drives you... 
See Barnes' name in there?

Me neither.

But, once again, when hate is what drives you... 

It's the usual fringe-left nutters who take every opportunity to whine about Madore.  But it was also not terribly surprising that they overlooked what certainly appears to be Ed Barnes' support of this same prohibition.

But then, that's the left wing double standard in action.  So what else is new?

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