Saturday, July 12, 2014

AG culls himself out of the heard on the McCreary scam.

As I have written in the past, the Legislature needs to ignore the state supreme court in the so-called McCreary decision... and to at least some extent, the state's democrat attorney general agrees.

The Supreme Court has no right to order any other branch of government to do anything.  The Court has zero supervisory ability over the other two branches: thus the phrase "co-equal branches."

Clearly, this ruling violates tenets of the state constitution, and with equal clarity, it is fallout of having 9 leftist judges from Seattle make up the court.

The legislature must continue to ignore them as our representatives, and fund schools as they see fit.

The AG claims that "legitimate policy disagreements that have not been resolved." And they haven't.

But neither the AG, who is a part of the Executive branch, nor the Court has the right to determine what are and what are not "legitimate policy disagreements."

To my mind, the AG's office is trying to achieve the same end as telling the court to drop dead since they are well aware that siding with the legislature would cause fringe-left heads to explode.

I admit it. It was a ballsy move by Bob Ferguson to use any legal reasoning whatsoever to stymie the leftists who would be thrilled at doing away with the legislature altogether so they can expand the Obama style plan of ruling by edict... people be damned... a well known tenet of democrat governance.

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