Friday, July 11, 2014

Another do-nothing year from our clueless congresswoman.

So, not that Jaime Herrera has done all that much work in elective office, save for working to stay IN office: but everyone in Congress is leaving for the August recess... and nothing has been done to resolve the Veteran's Issues.

Regular readers are well aware of my disdain for the Clueless Congresswoman.  She's a coward on so many levels when it comes to representing us.

But her selling out our Disabled Veterans (Yes, I am a Disabled Veteran.  No, my disability does not get me a check... the percentage isn't high enough) and her failure to speak out on the issue of our Veterans dying while the VA screws them?

That's just more of the unforgivable failure this woman is known for.

As a former Executive Director of the Washington State Republican Party, I categorically refute her.

She's no more a Republican than my spaniels.  And I will never, ever vote for her for anything.

It's unfortunate that the other two running for Congress aren't worth my vote either.

Bob Dingethal is as much an arrogant coward as Herrera.  It's been over 7 months since I asked him for his positions on repealing Obama care and killing off the CRC... and he has never bothered to answer me, in keeping with the meme of arrogance that ALL democrat candidates have shown during this cycle.

So, right now I'm torn between Mickey Mouse and Elmer Fudd.

But I'm leaning toward the Mouse. 

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