Monday, June 23, 2014

Time for the democratian to butt out of the Redskins issue.

The LAST thing anyone in the Redskins organization is going to give a damn about is the yammering of fringe-left publications about something that is absolutely none of their business.

Here's the thing: the Redskins have been a football team in operation for decades.  They are a PRIVATE organization.  And this rag has as much right to demand a name change as they have to demand this despicable pile of crap change THEIR name.

Aunt JemimaActually, I find the Columbian name far more offensive than many Native Americans find the Redskin name.

That the rag is merely trying to catch a wave that has no force is just another indicator of their fringe-leftist meme: there are other products with a racial name (Aunt Jemima syrups and Uncle Ben's rice come to mind)  and this hypocritical clowns say nothing about that... and actually said nothing about it in their worthless screed that will, rightfully, be ignored by the team itself, just like every other leftist will be ignored by the team.

What this idiocy from the rag equates to is yet another symptom of the victimization of the leftists.

They live to be offended.  They LOOK for reasons to be "offended."  And, once the subject at hand has "offended" them... even a tiny minority like those butthurt over the Redskins name, well, by God, everyone else had BETTER go along with that tiny minority.

Well, whenever a white leftists tries to tell us what "offends" native Americans such as this kind of idiocy, I defer to the Native Americans I respect the most of all:

The Navajo Code Talkers.  Do they look "offended" to you?

The problem here is that the rag, with its history of lies, deceit, distortions and exaggerations; lacks the moral high ground to suggest ANY moral judgment of anyone or anything else.  That's what happens when you use situational integrity and ethics as an editorial agenda.

Remember Rule One of the Columbian: if the rag believes something should happen, it shouldn't.  If the rag believes something shouldn't happen, it should.

While the First Amendment guarantees them the right to be stupid, there's no particular reason why they should take the opportunity to do so.

In short, like the rag itself, what any private entity chooses to call it self is no one's business.  If they don't like it, they can feel free to not go to a Redskins game, watch a Redskins game on TV or at a stadium or buy the merchandise of this team if it offends them so much.  Other than that, their whining has as much impact as their whining about the commissioners, the CRC/Loot Rail scam or the Ballpark Scam.  And how'd that work out for them?

As for me, I hope the 'Skins make it to the playoffs to get crushed by the Seahawks.


And every time I hear the name, I know that the butthurt of the democratian will be gritting their teeth.

You know, like they do every time they see the I-5 Bridge?

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