Sunday, June 22, 2014

The ongoing stupidity of the democratian's McCleary position.

The rag continues to set the table in their wild support of whatever court-ordered tyranny they attempt to visit upon the people... and the legislature.

Here's the thing: the Supreme Court cannot enforce an order to the legislature to do anything.


If they could have, they would have.

Because here's the thing: if they could do any of the crap the rag claims they can do... then why do we even need a legislature?

This isn't Ukraine.  Idi Amin isn't running things.

I get that the rag is giddy about the prospect of raising everyone else's taxes but their own.  But the legislature would be well within their right to tell the Court to pound sand, since the other alternative sets the kind of precedent that would warm the cockles of Stalin's heart.  I also get that leftist are going to try and use this garbage so that we can lay back and enjoy what they view as their inevitable rape.

One wonders, however, what their view might be if that same Court ruled that a tax was TOO high or spending TOO great... say, on state employee salaries.

One wonders what the left would be saying THEN?

But one doesn't have to wonder too much about the left's rank hypocrisy, does one?

The fact is that the court can no more "write a budget" than they could levitate.

Again, I understand how giddy this sort of thing makes the fringe-leftists at the rag.  I get that they've signed on to the Goebellian Lie that if you lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, it becomes the truth.

But for all the good it does, whoever wrote this tripe might as well have added "they can also take them out to a parking lot and order them to be shot" for all the truth to it.

What's problematic here is that the rag has lied so long, on so much, that they have zero credibility in the community.

"It's in the newspaper: it must be true" has never applied to the scum running the democratian, and today's screed is no exception to that rule.

To that end, the "smart money" is going to lose.  The state supreme court can no more order the legislature to legislate than the US Supreme Court can order Congress to do the same.

That a blind man can see it in a second is neither here nor there.  That the rag, once again, won't allow facts to get in the way of their world view... which resulted in "victories" for them like the CRC/Loot Rail Scam and the Ballpark Scam... that's the thing.

With a year's long record of lies, distortions, deceit and twisting the truth to get their way, none of this is surprising.

In the end, the Legislature will do what IT wants.  And they won't do it with a judicial gun aimed at their heads, and if the state supreme court pulls it out, the smart money would be on the legislature.

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