Sunday, June 22, 2014

The irony of the polarizing force of the democratian complaining about polarizing.

The irony of the editorial page editor of the most divisive, polarizing organ in all of SW Washington complaining about "polarizing" cannot be overlooked.  In fact, the hypocrisy o0f the democrat's attack dog complaining about "polarizing" the electorate when nothing here locally comes close in comparison to achieving that end is literally impossible to overlook.

Years of attacking and attempting to degrade Republicans opposed to their agenda.  Years of lies, years of attacks, years of distortions, years of failing to tell the truth.

Even now, the democratian's jihad against Madore is they very kind of thing that Jayne seems to be bitching about.

The guy running the democratian nut farm is dealing in absolutes.  In his stilted, fringe-left world, the ONLY perspective that matters is his.  And he will lie, distort, exaggerate and attack to get his revenge for so many things that run counter to his world view that he's become a punch line to a running joke.

One of the many reason's Jayne is wrong is because he lacks the integrity to do what must be done.

You see, if I'm Greg, there's no way I would work for a liar like Lefty Lou.

And there's certainly no way I would decry that which my employer bears more guilt over than any other cause in the region.

Before Greg pulls the stake out of the eye of "polarization," he would be best served by at least pulling the sliver out of his own.

This rag supports every leftist effort to dismantle our county government.  It routinely engages in character assassination as a political tool.  Their stories are slanted to support their agenda.  They leave out information that doesn't fit their meme.

And then... their editorial page editor expresses concern over political polarization when here locally, his employer is the biggest cause?

What kind of a man could do that and look in a mirror?

I freely admit that we are, in fact, politically polarized.  The company Greg works for locally is THE primary cause of that. And here's the problem with a solution... the problem that Greg, apparently, overlooked:

There is no solution.  And it's going to get worse... much worse.

Greg mistakenly labels the issue as one of party.  Party labels are becoming increasingly worthless; for example, one of the more laughable political jokes is that our cardboard cut out of a congresswoman is anything approaching "Republican."

His rag has a point of view.  They let nothing interfere with it.  They attempt to crush anyone who gets in their way.  They cannot understand why sop much of their agenda fails.  They don't care about the will of the people and typically attempt to destroy any serious effort to ascertain that will.

The issue isn't "party" per se'.  The issue is philosophy and ideology.

Finding a single poll that attempts to neatly box people for ease of classification is as worthless as a pre-loaded democratian poll.  There are varying shades of all sides and varying perceptions.

I make no bones about it.  I've seen, up close and personal, what unrestrained government can do.

I drove the Berlin-Helmstadt highway through communist East Germany on a few occasions.  I've been to then-communist East Berlin on a few more.

I stood a post on the Wall... The Iron Curtin.

The things I saw in my 6 years there are the things I brought home with me.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where leftist government experimentation is not a luxury we can afford.

Jayne, of course, never bothered to serve.  He never picked up a weapon and manned a post.  It's amazing how that can impact you years after the fact.  The lessons learned can be harsh.  The imprints, permanent.

I fear for my country.

Right now, for example, as our enemies grow their militaries at geometrical rates, the administration is gutting ours, getting rid of hardened combat veterans for, and I cannot make this up, having too many tattoos.

Our military is so broke that nuclear battle groups (Carriers) sit idly by, at docks, because we cannot afford to refuel them.

Our debt continues to explode with the help of the Republicans in Congress, now at $17 trillion and counting, a debt that we're pushing off on our children for generations to come as we, as a government, ignore the ultimate result of that kind of debt... a debt that then candidate Obama called "unpatriotic" back when it was $8 Trillion.

What does he call it now?

In this day and age, we're forced to deal with absolutes.

History has been kind to the United States.  We have repeatedly been afforded the opportunity for "do-overs."

Technology, however, has stolen the thing that has saved us time and again: time.

Time to regroup.  Time to gear up.  Time to retrench.

As the stakes are so much higher, the fall is so much longer.

One side of the spectrum sees this view and cares deeply about the outcome.

The other side?

They spend billions on Obamaphones.

So, yeah.  I'm polarized.

I'm one of those who has a clear view of the possible... the increasingly likely... destruction of our country.

The other side of the issues find themselves incapable of that vision, or they don't care if they can glimpse it.

I care.  I would die for this country if necessary.  It's worth dying for.  It's worth fighting for... "all enemies... foreign AND domestic."

Would Greg?  Or Lou?  Or any other fringe-left nutter like those infesting us on C3G2?

I have my doubts.  But there is little doubt as to the reeking hypocrisy Greg Jayne exhibited today.

And until there's fundamental change at the Lazy C... they've got precisely zero room to talk.

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