Saturday, June 21, 2014

Making it harder for legal citizens to get college aid in Washington State.

One of the stupid things to pass out of the legislature last year (because of the lack of guts on the part of a few of the GOP'ers) was the so-called "Real Hope Act".  That little beauty was where those who should not even be here are not only ENCOURAGED to be here, but have also been given the same privileges of in-state tuition as a legal citizen of this state.

The failure of the Majority Coalition Caucus to kill this idiocy goes to the heart of an establishment GOP that has no soul, no guts and no integrity.

The bill itself violated Blog Rule Number 2: if you have to lie to get your bill passed, then it shouldn't BE passed:
Supporters characterized it as a vote to take care of Washington students, and not a bill about immigration.
"Supporters" were (and are) lying scum.  Extending a benefit of citizenship to illegal aliens is nothing BUT "about immigration."

Senators voting for this garbage knew that the fund used to pay for this assistance was 30% short LAST year. How short will it be with another 1600 illegal aliens to divvy it up?

It's totally bizarre that somehow, we allegedly hope to bring the illegal alien situation under control when we're confronted with an attitude like the one expressed in the article:
Research shows that undocumented students are three times more likely than other students to leave school without finishing.
Well, the law shows they shouldn't be here at all.  How does allowing illegals into our school system and then aiding and abetting their violation of immigration law do anything to stop that?

Aren't the laws supposed to be set up to DISCOURAGE illegals from coming here?

How does this... do that?

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