Saturday, June 21, 2014

The irony of Lefty Lou's weekly whine.

Stunningly enough, Lefty didn't snivel about Commissioner Madore today.... which is kind of strange.

But what he DID whine about was the issue I wrote of when it happened: the morons of the Vancouver Soviet city council forking over a $30,000 raise... completely unjustified, completely unnecessary, completely indefensible, completely arrogant and totally misguided.

Lefty's reaction was the same as that of many in the area: shock, dismay and horror.  It's his token column of something approaching normalcy, a cheap effort to re-enforce his "he's one of us" cred.

But unless he hammers the scum who did this the same way he hammers on Commissioners Madore and Mielke?

Unless he realizes in print that each and every one of this scum are the slime HE supported for election, and now bitches about because they're gullible enough and uncaring enough to waste tens of thousands of their taxpayer dollars on crap like this?

Then it's all hypocritical crap.  And that's what we're used to from him and that democrat newsletter he runs.

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