Sunday, June 08, 2014

The democratian vs. our community: just do the opposite.

Over the past 26 years or so that I've lived here since I left the military, here locally there's pretty much been one constant on the local scene: if the democratian supports it, then it's bad for the community; if the democratian opposes it, then it's good for the community.

You name the issues: from tax increases to the CRC /loot rail Scam, to the oil terminal, to their endorsements, to raping the public for the Pollard Hilton, downtown redevelopment and the moronic waterfront back-scratching where the downtown mafia is preparing to make bank.

Using the platform of barrels of ink, our local rag has done everything they possibly can to destroy county government generally and political opponents and to pack the Vancouver Soviet with leftists and liars (Right, Tim?)

In America, we have the presumption of innocence in most criminal case: "innocent until proven guilty."

In Clark County, we have the presumption that the democratian, their editors and their reporters are lying, slanting and exhibiting bias on any issue related to politics that includes opposition to their their agenda.


Imagine how valuable a news source the democratian would be if they weren't driven by fringe-left hate.  If they would present all sides to a story.  If they were not agenda driven.  If those running the despicable rag actually cared about integrity and veracity ALL of the time while applying the same standard equally to all... including their fellow leftists and themselves?

"Lying until proven truthful."

That should be the banner under their tarnished name.

Like the sun coming up in the east, the positions of the democratian are taken to benefit themselves, benefit their "friends" and benefit the downtown mafia.  They do all they can to Rule 5 dissent, silence the will of the people, and then to ignore that will once expressed if they happen to disagree with it.

Instead, maybe it should be "no lie we won't tell."

That, of course, would be the most accurate.  

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