Saturday, June 07, 2014

Seattle's Mayor queers the question on how I-594 would have made any difference in the Seattle Pacific shooting.

Take a look at Seattle's Mayor Ed Murray.

He's a typically moronic, rabid, fringe-left nutter.  Think of, perhaps, a slightly more civil version of our area's own Jim "Molehill" Moeller.  He lies, frequently like he breathes.  He lost control of the democrat-controlled Senate (Unbelieveably, the democrats actually named THIS moron as Majority Leader?  Seriously?) as the GOP rolled him in 12 and took over outright in 13-14.

Like just about all fringe-left nut jobs, he rabidly supports the gun-grabber initiative, I-594.  And this one, single question shows the massive, major hole in the gun grabbers plan: if it had been implemented... it would have done absolutely NOTHING to stop Thursday's shooting.

So, not wasting the opportunity to politically coat himself with the blood of the innocent victims at Seattle Pacific yesterday, he surrounded himself with an exercise in photo-op diversity, and then proceeded to walk into a fan held up by KIRO's Essex Porter, who only made one mistake with the question he asked him.

Murray refuses to answer the question asked.

Porter, apparently, doesn't press him to answer it.  He should have.

"Mr. Mayor, with all due respect, restricting the actions of law-abiding gun-owners isn't a conversation; it's repression.  And I can appreciate a good campaign speech as much as the next guy, but you didn't answer the question.  And, allegedly, isn't this sort of thing what this initiative is SUPPOSED to be about?"

Or something like that.

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