Sunday, June 08, 2014

Lefty Lou owes me a keyboard.

Usually, as soon as someone sends me Lefty Lou's Saturday tripe, I whip up a response to it.  And I got a copy of his garbage yesterday morning, but was so sickened it caused me to throw up all over my keyboard, putting me out of action until I could get a replacement.

Anger and hatred are hard things for non-psychotics to carry around.  Yet Lefty does it with ease.

Losing so much of your sense of self that you can actually base your job on it is certainly not healthy: either for him, or this community.

Lefty is so fixated on those who cost him so much, that he's blinded to any reality save for his own.  The problem he's got is that his reality and the real world never seem to occupy the same space at the same time.

It's another Saturday, and, like every Saturday, Lefty trowels out his peculiar brand of manure, of the variety he fixates on applying only to Republicans generally and certain Republicans particularly.

Take, for example, Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

Lefty Lou has never cared that The Liar lied his way into election.  That was perfectly OK with him: he's carried The Liar's water like Gunga Din, because The Liar has carried his, and lying is swell as long as it goes the right way.

It's almost like a replay of his covering for the despicable state representative from the 49th, Jim Jacks. After all, who cares that a drunk would mistreat female staff in the legislature?

Lefty helped to whip up the slobbering leftist masses into a frenzy... I don't know... hoping that they'd carry his water as well and pay back those mean ol' conservative commissioners for hiring, up to now, THE most hated man in Lefty's life, Sen. Don Benton... EVEN AFTER THE FIRST STORY ACKNOWLEDGED THE HIRING WAS LEGAL.

Objection to the hiring (like any objection to anything done by politicians) should be based on politics.  Using politics as a cover for hatred?  That's the coward's way.  That's Lefty Lou's way.

Of course, that's not a tenth of the hatred he REALLY has for Commissioners Madore and Mielke.  But he uses that just like he uses the useful tools of the local left who don't appear to have a single functioning brain cell between them.

A legal hiring (Which this one arguably was) isn't the basis for this psychotic, unreasoning hatred of these two.  But it makes a handy clue to beat them over the head with as a part of his plan to neuter them politically.

With all of the dozens of other problems confronting us, what is it this moron obsesses on?  What does he babble about, week in and week out?

Well, it ain't the issues.  It's the commissioners who, in large part, have made Lefty look like an idiot... except, of course, lefty does that fine... all by himself.

In everything from lying about people "afraid to speak their minds" to fake people calling him and thanking him for trashing our community, the psychotic elements of Lefty Lou bring shame to this community.

Week in.  Week out.

See, he points out to this phantom, unidentified, likely fictional person while ignoring those of us who call him a liar, a self-serving fringe-leftist and a clown, who believes that fiction is fact, and could give a damn about what's best for us... when that conflicts with his agenda.

So, he makes up people calling him.  He makes up lies about people fearing speaking out.  And he can do that... and DOES do that... because his garbage is "opinion," like his "opinion" is any better than anyone else's.  Like the unnamed person in question even exists.

Well, he's got his... and I've got mine.

This is that.

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