Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The deafening silence from our very own Jaime-Dingethal.

One of the many reasons that Jaime Herrera is doomed to be a back-bencher wall-flower (Notice how she's never interviewed about policy or issues on television? ) is because her only reason to be in office is to be in office.

While it's unfortunate that locally, none of those running for... or to remain in... congress are worthy of the job... that neither candidate from either party has the courage of their convictions and the willingness to engage with those who question... and now, once again, neither Jaime or Dingethal are doing a damned thing to hold that moron in the White House accountable for acts that would have seen a GOP president hung from a White House lawn tree, let alone impeached.

(And no, to you uber-sensitive leftists, I am not suggesting that our President be lynched, although the more butt-hurt among you will deliberately conclude that.  I simply used an absurdity to illustrate a point.  He's a moron, a jerk, an incompetent lout and genuine scum and as much as it pains me to point this out, he is the president.  I can (and do) loath the man without advocating any harm come to him... no matter how much he's harming us.)

Bob Dingethal, whose campaign is so broke he can't afford donuts, isn't any better.  Instead of standing up for us... instead of showing the courage to do the right thing, he's wasting his time on an issue that, even if he WERE elected, he would have zero impact on, namely the soon-to-be-built oil terminal in downtown Vancouver.

Dingethal lies, of course (Don't they all lie?) by telling us that veterans should be "treated with honor and respect" when HE won't even answer my questions concerning his positions.

Of course, he's only had 6 months to reply, so maybe it's too soon.

And where's Jaime in all of this?  What's her position?  Doesn't she have any?

She shot off her mouth wasting her time on the Pearson Museum fiasco, did nothing about the CRC Scam (Of course, she only had 6 years to get something done... maybe I expect too much) and on the issues confronting this country... where is she?  Where is she about the VA fiasco?  Where is she on the Bergdahl treachery?  Where is she on women in combat?  Where is she on screwing the disabled veterans?  Where is she and what has she done to cut our deficit?


Deafening silence.

Because to Jaime Herrera, who doesn't hesitate to use her own baby as a campaign accoutrement, kind of like earrings, the issues are meaningless compared to her rabid desire to remain in office... even as the nation suffers.

Well done, Ridgefield Barbie... well done.

Where's David Castillo when you need him?

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Lew Waters said...

Castillo is enjoying life as a civilian, watching his son grow and being Daddy.

The GOP threw away a really great person with excellent experience, threw him under the bus, back stabbed, smeared and demeaned the man, then when they created the tenth district, asked him to run under a GOP ticket against Denny Heck.

They were showed the door, as they should have been.

And now, what a cast of nothing we have, Herrera Beutler, Dingethal or Paulbot Michael Delavar.

We're screwed.