Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Peter Callaghan loses his mind on McCleary.

Look, I get that the fringe-left nutters want to tax us into poverty.  I get that teachers wrongly believe they should be paid a million dollars a year for their part time job.

And I also get that the clowns in the Washington State Supreme Court believe they have power over a co-equal branch of government known as the Legislature.

They don't, of course, but they believe they do.

So, Callaghan takes the side of the 9 robed dwarfs in Olympia, and comes up with a series of non-sensical, unenforceable platitudes because the Legislature isn't doing what he... and the state supreme court, want them to do.

He writes in his judicial fantasy:
“In conclusion, like just about everybody else in the state, we hold you in contempt (cheap shot, we know, but when someone serves up a fat pitch, you really ought to go ahead and swing). 
“What follows is what we call a ‘court order.’ That means it isn’t subject to debate or interpretation or you all sitting around over beers contemplating the meaning of life. It just means you do it, OK? 
“Before the end of 2014, you are ordered to convene in special session and fix the problem. If it helps motivate you, pretend this is Boeing or the Mariners asking. You can even wear ball caps. 
“You will add funding that gets the state two-thirds toward the totals that you — not us — came up with for basic education. You will then present a specific plan on how to find the final one-third by 2018.
The Legislature tells the court: drop dead.

If the Supreme Court actually HAD this kind of power, then there would be no need for a Legislature to begin with.  After all, these morons (Including Callaghan) seem to think they can pass laws by edict.  Weill, using the Obama model doesn't work everywhere... and it doesn't work here.

Then, his fantasy continues:
“If you don’t comply by the time the little ball drops all the way down the pole on New Year’s Eve, we will be forced to get all cranky on your backsides. 
“Here’s a taste: 
• “We will order that no legislator can attend dinner dates with lobbyists. No more dialing for dinner companions from the lobbyist directory.
Which they have no power to do.  The Constitution of the United States isn't a series of suggestions.  Yet this clown would advocate unconstitutional action if the legislature does not acquiesce to an unconstitutional action?
• “Oh, and no per diem. In fact, how about you pay us $120 a day for having to wait around for you to do what the constitution requires?
Which they have no power to do.  And further, when the legislature responds by cutting all funding to the Supreme Court, then what?  And "what the Constitution requires" is for the courts to INTERPRET, and for the Legislature to LEGISLATE.
• “Nothing else gets funded until schools are amply funded. Harsh, we know. But the word ‘paramount’ means first and highest priority. You could look it up.
And I appreciate that.  Nevertheless, the Court can no more tell the Legislature HOW to legislate than the Legislature can tell the Court how to rule.  That co-equal thing can be such a bitch sometimes.
• “You can no longer do all the interesting stuff behind closed doors. Until you comply, the doors to the caucus rooms will be removed and held in escrow.
Again, the Courts cannot order this any more than the Legislature can make it illegal for judges to wear robes.
• “The leaders of the Legislature will report to the Thurston County jail for a little R&R, compliments of the taxpayers. We’ll decide who bunks together, but think of House Speaker Frank Chopp and Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom as roomies. You two really need to talk.
"Legislative immunity."  Look it up, moron.
• “Did we mention the part about the whining?”
Take your own advice.  And if you don't like it, feel free to move.  But dood... keep it real.

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