Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Why is the local GOP so secretive?

So, I heard a rumor that the PaulBots running the local GOP have engaged in a blatant conflict of interest by appointing Delavar's wife to the executive board of the local party.

I thought, "They CAN'T be THAT stupid, can they?  I mean, I know that Jaime bought Ryan Hart's endorsement back when he was GOP chair with a job offer, something of a rather illegal quid-pro-quo... but not out of the realm of the kind of garbage she pulls and all..."

... but these people are smarter than that... aren't they?

So, I thought, "I'll just go over to the GOP web site and see for myself.  After all, in the interests of transparency, they'd certainly list those who are running the local show, wouldn't they?  After all, the local communists list who's running THEIR zoo, you mean to tell me that the local GOP would do LESS?

The democrats are primarily the usual fringe-left whack jobs that we've typically come to cordially laugh at:

2013-2014 CCDCC Executive Committee
Elected Officers:
Chair: Mike Heywood
Vice Chair: Liz Campbell
Secretary: Jamie Hurly
Treasurer: Tom Lineham
State Committeeman: Jay Renaud
Ex-officio Members
17th LD Chair Tanisha Harris
18th LD Chair Candy Bonneville
49th LD Chair Catherine Rich
3rd CD Representative to WSDCC Marsha Manning
WSDCC Representative to DNC Ed Cote
Clark County Democratic Women Chair Donna Quesnell
At Large Members
Tim Probst, Roben White, Temple Lentz and Erica Marchbank
and Chairs of Active Standing Committees
So, I KNEW the local GOP would at least list those running the show around here.... wouldn't they?

Imagine my surprise when I couldn't find the list.

If it's on the website, I can't find it.

Odd, isn't it?

I have no difficulty finding the leftists board... but not the GOP's board.

Now... why do you suppose that is?


Lew Waters said...

The GOP also listed all of the party officials where they could easily be located, prior to these Paulbots taking over.

As for Katja, I saved an internet radio interview of her and Michael from back in 2008 that might prove interesting.

If memory serves, thee is a part where Katja condemns the GOP and discusses taking it over along with setting up a site where only fellow Paulbots would allowed in.

Give the way this current crop of malcontents is working from teh shadows so much and hiding much of what they do, the old interview just might prove very useful

leaortiz said...

"They CAN'T be THAT stupid, can they?"

LOL, uh, well. Being secretive seems to be their MO. What they don't understand is that they are now the established Republican Representatives. They are running and doing things the only way they know how, in secret, in typical Ron Paulie style.