Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Sometimes, it's better to stick with the headlines you have.

There's little doubt that the Obama/Bergdahl fiasco was pulled off to dump the VA fiasco off the front page.

(Notice the deafening silence from local democrat pols?  Why is that?  Besides the fact that damned few of them ever served and their partisan hatred/situational ethics, I mean.)

The problem?

Well, Obama broke the law... again... which they now, belatedly, admit.  Not that it matters: this guy could knock over a 7-11 and Congress wouldn't do anything about it.

And he did all this, screwing us and getting future people... likely Americans... killed as a result... so we get get back what appears to be a low-life deserter.

And then, the Rose Garden bit, where Bergdahl's old man looked and acted like he was a Taliban member.

And so, the visual has shifted from killing veterans to killing actual active-duty soldiers.  As a result, we get this:


Martin Hash said...

The Conservative position on this is bizarre? From my pov, the war is lost, we're pulling out. Bring everybody home and send the Gitmos back. Vietnam all over again.

Just a guy said...

The war isn't close to over, Martin. And you'd send these people back to kill more of us?


And what about those killed looking for this scumbag? And what about Obama breaking the law to Congress?

When the Vietnam War stopped for us, it stopped. You REALLY believe that pulling out of Afghanistan will make it all go away?

Martin Hash said...

Kelly, I know that's your (and most Conservative's) position, but it has been so undermined I don't know why you keep repeating it. (Like Benghazi.) That's why it doesn't get any press except in the Conservative Echo Chamber.

Just a guy said...

How, pray tell, has it been undermined? I'm always willing to learn.

And I am not particularly concerned with what the press does or doesn't report. If that were a guide for me, I would have caved on the CRC back in 08.

Right is right, wrong is wrong, and I do what I can to point out the wrong.

It doesn't get any press for the same reason that by now, Bush would have been impeached had he screwed up this badly: because the media has a fully vested interest in Obama's "success," and, by the way, I never knew Sen. Feinstein, who has taken much the same position on the issue of congressional notification was ever a part of the "conservative echo chamber."