Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Some reeking hypocrisy from loser Kelly Love-Parker on the commissioner selection.

For years, this woman and her organization ignored the people of Clark County as she was one of the main shillers for the CRC/loot rail scam.

No lie she wouldn't tell.  Not attitude she wouldn't ignore, no vote she wouldn't protest when we, the people, were the ones doing the voting.

Watch for yourself as, all of a sudden, NEWSPAPER polls, jammed with multiple votes from the same fringe-left nutters, should, in her world, have been used as the ONLY criteria for the commissioners to decide.

What a hypocrite.

Because if she applied that criteria to the CRC Scam, it would have been dead years ago... in fact, if she was all that concerned about the will of the people, she wouldn't even have put herself out there for the job.

Meanwhile, what about Temple Lentz?

I wouldn't want her to run an elevator for me, you understand, but her name was removed from consideration because she had the guts to admit up front what Barnes and Parker lied about: that they were both going to run for the job.

The dems kicked Lentz to the curb when she had the guts to tell them she only wanted the job to make a few bucks or whatever.

Boy, did Parker and Barnes screw the dems, or what?

Meanwhile, sit back, relax and enjoy the heights of hypocrisy that Parker and most democrats around here are known for: situational ethics being the order of the day.

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Lew Waters said...

What a hypocrite. Maybe she is good in bed, don't care to find out, but lying and situational ethics are not her strong suit