Tuesday, June 03, 2014

C3G2 thinks Barnes is a moron. Who knew?

As expected, the fringe-leftist whack jobs were a bit piqued that Pridemore didn't get the gig, but then, that was never going to happen anyway: after all, who wants to appoint a dick?

That said, what do they think the impression is when they babble crap like this?

  • Debbie Nelson Well now, I'd say that Ed needs his own personal assistant, just like Madore has. They could share an office!
    6 hrs · Like · 7
  • April Dee It would be great if he could have a personal assistant, a la Miller.
    6 hrs · Like · 1
If for whatever the reason, either of the other two had been picked for the gig, you believe for one second they'd be saying this about them?

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