Sunday, June 01, 2014

Scott Dalesandro? Nah.

There are certain issues in politics which are, I believe, among our most precious.  Among those are our Constitutional Rights.

Those rights include the rights listed in the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, the fringe-left whack jobs elected in the 49th will remain elected because far too many of their constituency are devoted to receiving taxpayer dollars and the 3 Stooges they've elected are devoted to providing them.

I first viewed Dalesandro, seen through the prism of his fringe-left whack job son who unfortunately "won" election against former Battle Ground mayor Lisa Walters.  It's unlikely, on a political level, that Dalesandro would hope to win by out-Wylie-ing Wylie:  As far to the left as Wylie is, there's no room between her and the end of the political spectrum.

So, I gave him a look... and was thinking he might be able to at least mount something of a challenge until I read this:
In November, voters will likely be asked to weigh in on whether to expand background checks on gun purchasers who buy through the Internet and other private sales. Although Dalesandro said he hasn’t read the language of the measure, expanding background checks is an idea he favors.
No one with this position is fit for elective or appointed office.  This is a law, should it pass, which I will break on a regular basis, as I break all laws I consider to be unconstitutional.

For someone asked a question to reply that he hasn't read the initiative but appears to favor it?

Not only no... but hell no.

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