Sunday, June 01, 2014

Great article in the rag: Lefty Lou ought to read it.

Given the reeking hypocrisy of our local fishwrapper, I nearly spit coffee on my keyboard when I glanced at this article in today's pulp pollution:

In spite of it all some will act against best interests

What an incredibly stunning work, given the whining, sniveling and bitching from the rag's editor.

The lack of situational awareness, while typical of the left, is summed up in this rather self-deluding comment made from a frequent poster on the local democrat hate site, C3G2:
I wonder how some of our politicians would score on this test? I suspect that spite is a big motivator for some of the crazy behavior we witness from them.
I KNOW that the excuse for a newspaper is driven by spite... no test is needed.

I wonder how some of our fringe-left whack jobs would score on this test, given that everything their little group is doing stems from spite and partisan hatred. 

That said, the rag ALWAYS acts out of their own best interests, even if those interests will harm a community for decades and ignore the people that live there.

Spite.  For the left around here... it's what's for dinner.

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