Sunday, June 01, 2014

Lying Lefty Lou's latest libation.

Isn't it amazing?  We have a perfect human being for an editor of the Daily Democrat.  One of Lefty's many problems... besides his anger issues, lack of integrity and rank partisanship, is his troubling inability to recall what his despicable rag has written in the past about various subjects.

It's amazing how wrong Lefty Lou can be... and he's dead wrong on the issue of the unlamented Stuart's replacement.  In fact, he's not even close.  Parker's performance at the interview was the quintessential bitchfest that only someone who lied in favor of the CRC Scam professionally for a decade could have brought to the table.

And Tuesday will be yet another in the series of embarrassments the scumbag editor has brought this community.

He whines and bitches and moans like his former, fired-by-lefty-for-his-at-work-porn-fix, editorial page editor who now, purely by coincidence, happens to be the democrat chair around here (Editorial page editors... hell... even Lying Lefty Lou himself has ZERO partisanship anywhere in their cretinous bodies... just ask them...) pays him by the word.

Brancaccio's hatred of the current commissioners, his gift for "revisionist history" and the embarrassment his partisanship, hatred and vitriol bring this community along with his efforts to keep his fellow fringe-left nutters whipped up until they are crushed in the election this November.

Local leftists view the state constitution as a mere speed bump to their agenda: the commissioners have 60 days to make a selection.  That Lying Lefty Lou doesn't like that they are taking the time allotted by our constitution to do it is his problem... and that of the other local fringe-left nutters.

It's typically the fringe-left who buy the democrat's daily newsletter; which is, after all, ran by a former democratian (Strictly non-partisan, you understand... like the fringe-left, whack job editor running it now) editorial page editor.  The continuing efforts by our local rag to attack our commissioners because they dare to fail to kiss the rag's... well, ring... and because they've been mostly successful in destroying the rag's fringe-left, screw-what-the-people-want agenda.

There's no lie that scumbag won't tell, doing all he can to talk down the county administration with one sided, typically inaccurate garbage that would make his hero Goebbels blush will simultaneously (and religiously) adhering to his warn out, dog-eared paperback volume of Alinski's rules.

In everything from condemning the commissioners for upholding the state constitution for whining, sniveling and bitching like a 13 year old punk that he doesn't get his way,  to letting his fringe-left lying... and occasionally alcoholic... buddies off the hook because of their political affiliations, Lefty Lou is the quintessential hypocrite.

This county, obviously, isn't in ANY "kind of a mess," Lies of the CRC Scammers notwithstanding.  Otherwise, the businesses and families moving here in droves would pass us by for some other utopia... say, socialist Seattle.

Lew Waters nails Lefty's fleabitten ass to the barn door with his scathing yet matter of fact rejoinder to Lying Lefty's Latest hate fest:
If I may remind this editor of a previous selection of a replacement for Jim Jacks back in April 2011 and from an article written by Kathie Durbin titled “Commissioners to make 49th District pick Wednesday.”
“Commissioners will interview the candidates from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., then meet in executive session to discuss the candidates, according to a commission staff member. They'll take the vote in open session at noon, and the winner will be sworn in by a Clark County Superior Court judge at 12:15 p.m. 
”Nobody had a problem with using an “executive session” to discuss candidates when Sharon Wylie was chosen, did they? 
In fact, reviewing CVTV footage of the April 13, 2011 process shows after all three candidates were questioned, Commissioner Mielke then announced that the three Commissioners, Marc Boldt, Steve Stuart and himself would go into executive session, to return later to announce their decision. 
So, what’s the beef, Lou? Admittedly I am just one of those “bullshit” bloggers, but do I have better access to your archives than you do?
Did my previous comment include “clueless?”
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