Friday, June 06, 2014

Memo to Lou: please don't hit the bong before you do an editorial.

Ed Barnes.

Ed Barnes has been a fringe-left union hack, a buffoon, a cretinous lout during the entirety of the time I've lived here (Now some 26 years or so)

The lies in yesterday's editorial combined with the campaign puff piece for Pridemore (Which isn't going to help, Lefty) would fill a library.

"The direction the county will head" fortunately, will be unencumbered by the presence of such an uncouth loudmouth.

Barnes has no real idea how it works.  He's never held elective office, has no clue of the nuts and bolts issues, no desire to do anything but be a permanent no vote, and to do all he can to tear down the other two commissioners... strangely, not unlike the cancer on our community of a newspaper.  He'll be forced to try and sip facts from a fire hose and the only question is will it drown him.

Barnes was, of course, lying (Damn... why does the left feel so compelled to do that?) when he babbled the line "You guys have killed Clark County."

The Amen Fringe-left Choir ate that garbage up, of course, but there's no indication that this is a dead county or anything close to it.  One wonders why the despicable rag feels compelled to lionize him for it, but given Lefty Lou's hatred of the two other commissioners, is it really all that surprising?

You see, there is a major difference between "straight shooting" and outright lying.

Naturally, given his own years of lying in dozens if not hundreds of "opinion pieces" and editorials (Not unlike this one, come to think of it), Lefty likely no longer can recognize that difference, but why does that not surprise me?

That Denny Heck wanted to kiss Barnes' ass by calling him "effective" in no way makes it so.  If he was all THAT effective then why is it so many politicians, for example, Madore and Mielke, got elected?  And if he was all THAT "effective," then why isn't the CRC Scam actually getting built?

See, Lou, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. "Effectiveness" is measured by "outcomes."  And Eddie's outcomes almost uniformly suck.

Both Commissioners knew that Barnes wouldn't... couldn't keep his mouth shut, and that when he rambles on, he sounds like a blithering idiot.  No, he's no "wallflower."  Instead, he's the democrat's worst nightmare.  An embarrassment.  Think of him as Obama with a hearing problem.

And when it comes to this bogus, nonsensical bullshit about a "possible violation of public meetings laws," that's right up there with saying that someone working at the democratian may have sex with animals: unless a complaint has been filed and an outcome determined, the calculated continuing mention of that garbage is just more pro-democrat sewage.

Yeah, Eddie needs to be "caustic."  Now, though, the shoe is on the other foot.  And he may not like what he hears directed at him.

He can dish it out.  But can he take it?

One wonders how he'll like it when he's the target of some of that acid that he loves to throw.

The same hate that drives the leftist on C3G2 drives the slime writing at the democratian: no lie they won't tell.  No exaggeration they won't use.  And no advocacy of obstructionism that doesn't meet with their agenda is beyond them.

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