Friday, June 06, 2014

Six months ago I asked Bob Dingethal questions about his positions.

You know, I get that it's tough to be a democrat in what arguably is going to likely be a sucky year for democrats.

Your positions are hated; you have to lie to get elected, you have to run away from democrat positions and put up an 8 foot thick wall between yourself and that blithering idiot in the White House.

Running a campaign while terrified can't be good for you.  Flat broke... you know you're going to get crushed by the incumbent, such as she is, no matter what you do.

But it's sheer, unadulterated cowardice to deliberately ignore position questions for 6 months because you fear the answers and, apparently, fear what I may do with those same answers.

And that's kind of bizarre, when you think about it.

After all, on on reads my meager effort.  No one cares what I've got to write.

And this is a damned shame.

The people of the 3rd Congressional District are not particularly enamored with our cardboard cut out of a Congresswoman.  Given the right candidate, she could be beaten... soundly... given that she's the congressional equivalent of Brandon "Mail It In" Vick,.

Ridgefield Barbie is terrified of even holding open town-hall meetings... a fact that Dingethal has noted... (She's not all that smart, actually, but she's really good at one thing: remaining elected.) but the only thing worse than not holding town hall meetings is ignoring questions outside town hall meetings when you are afraid of the answers.

It's not just Dingethall, of course.  Neither of the democrat speed bumps in the 18th will answer policy questions either, as far as that goes.

But Bob has missed a golden opportunity here... blown while he wastes time babbling about an oil terminal that neither he nor any other local leftist can stop from being built no matter what he does.

I want to know where Bod Dingethal is at on repealing Obamacare and I want to know what his position was/is on the CRC Scam.

And he ignores me.

A prospective constituent... and he ignores me.  You know, one of those veterans he claims should be treated with "Honor and Respect" on his web page?

Now, I get that a leftist reading this right about now supports Dingethal's political cowardice.  But what if the shoe were on the other foot?

What if it were Jaime and a fringe-leftist blogger had been ignored for 6 months?  Would that be OK?

Of course not.

So, Bob, here's the deal.  As it is, I'm not voting for any of you, because all three of you disrespect us at the cellular level.  All of you believe us to be as dumb as a box of rocks.  And I will not vote for anyone that doesn't respect us... and that's a long list from both parties.

I will spare you the further embarrassment of having the clock continue to count the days, hours and minutes that have gone by since you decided to ignore me IF you just answer the damned question.

Who knows... I might even vote for you if you've got the political testicles to make that happen.

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