Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When Mussolini Mikey Briggs lies.

I get it.

It's tough when you know you're going to lose.

But to lie?

This garbage was on Mussolini's campaign facebook page, in response to fellow fringe-left whack job and uber-hater Ron Goodman:

This reeks with lies.

I repeatedly asked Mussolini questions on his campaign facebook page, which this lying little worm refused to answer.

In the face of his cowardice and the fear of his own positions, how can he possibly write garbage like this when he KNOWS he's lying?

Musso KNOWS this district hates the CRC Scam... but NO one shilled it more, lied about it more, whined about it more than Briggs.

No one.

If this slimeball was elected, would he have represented the district?  Or would he have ignored it like most fringe-left nutters?

Would he have been a man of the people?  Or would he have been a Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart clone?

Is that even a question?

Memo: to Musso - tell the truth.

You're going to be massacred in the general election regardless, but at least that way, you won't also be labelled a liar.

Because when you write garbage like this KNOWING that you'd ignore everyone and just do what you want.. that makes these words... as noble as they may be... hollow and shriveled and disrespectful of the truth.

Just... like.... you. 

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