Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So, why would Jaime's dad file as a PCO?

Jaime Herrera has pretty much been a failure as a Republican.

In fact, she's pretty much been a failure about elective office, period, other than getting elected... but like most career politicians, she's good at fooling enough people into wrongly believing she's a Republican "representing" a Republican district.

The end result?  Some muted rumblings of discontent within local party organs.

I used to be a strong Republican.  I used to believe that there was more to it than just a label.

Then, when the local party defied convention (And the fringe-left liars in the democratian) and took the proper step in booting Marc Boldt out due to his leftist proclivities... and his unfathomable support of the CRC Scam as well as most other tax increases... I began to believe that maybe... just maybe... that might have some value after all.

I figured that was a good first step.

Then, they sent a letter to Herrera, warning , in a round-about fashion, of similar actions for her if she didn't get her act together.

Unfortunately, it was an empty threat.  Herrera has repeatedly betrayed us, repeatedly been in the pockets of the Establishment.  Instead of pulling the trigger and working to get rid of her, "cooler heads prevailed,."

Or something.

But Jaime heard the grumblings.  What better way to keep a finger on the pulse of the local GOP then to have her old man insert himself  into the local party to act as a pipeline to Ridgefield Barbie?

I wouldn't vote for him... or her... on a bet.

It's just a shame the local party didn't work harder to get rid of this empty-suited idiot and get someone in there ready to fight for us, instead of just fighting to keep her job.

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Pete Masterson said...

Looked Jaime up on the Heritage Foundation web site.... she is rated as a 41% in her votes on key issues. I'd bet there are some Democrats who've done better.

I'm very disappointed with her representation of our district.