Wednesday, May 14, 2014

M&M Twins kickoffs equal disaster?

So, Bully's campaign kickoff was on Monday... and Mussolini Mikey's kickoff was last night.

Yet... neither of them had anything to say about any of it?

No.... pictures?  No listing of the amounts of money?  No lists of those who showed up?

Is that what viable campaigns do?

Here's a guess (I'll know more in a few days... since my people are everywhere...) and that guess is that both of these "kickoffs" went out of bounds... the refs threw flags and the GOP got the ball with a 1st and 10 on the opponents 35.

Now, do I have any proof of that?


But the lack of pictures from the candidates, the lack of pictures put up by attendees and the lack of "tagging" pretty much tells the tail.

I know when, for example, Lynda Wilson had HER kickoff, there were pictures everywhere.

I also saw immediate increases in PDC amounts as supporters gave in the thousands.

Bully and Mikey?

Not so much.

Yesterday, Brent Boger put up a really telling post that discussed how pathetic the dem turnout was for PCO elections.

As of that writing... 125 people had signed up.

All of 11 of them democrats.

Looks like the writing is on the wall, doesn't it?

Stay tuned!

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