Friday, May 16, 2014

Was Mussolini Briggs' kickoff an even bigger disaster than Bully's?

We all already know that Mikey's first kickoff had to be cancelled because, well, no one wanted to go.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I almost feel sorry for Mussolini Mikey. Almost.

So, a few days back I pointed out that Mussolini Mikey's campaign kick off had precisely zero respondents... meaning that it appeared that no one was going.

Kinda like his campaign fund raising.

And so what do I find out today?

Looks like it's cancelled.  It's no longer even a whisper on his campaign facebook page.  And that's almost sad.


I kind of figured it was going to turn out this way when a grand total of NOBODY responded to this notice (Note the "Be the first person to join" notice.)

Mikey, take the hint.  You ain't getting the gig.  It's not happening.  Spare yourself the embarrassment.

Just sayin'.
So, naturally, he had to try it again.

And, by now, we know what a disaster Bully's kickoff was, and how it's unlikely she even covered costs with the paltry 11 or 1200 bucks or so she put together...

So, again, and for roughly the same reasons, it's difficult to ignore the results of Mikey's soiree'.

No pictures... no mention... and a grand total of ONE deposit from ONE check (From BS Morris) for $100.


That's it.

And how sad is that?

And nothing else?

Usually, if these things are a big success, you'd be hard pressed to go somewhere and NOT hear about it.

But when it comes to Mussolini?

Not a peep.

And that is just sad.  But not altogether unexpected.

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