Thursday, May 15, 2014

I was right: Bully's kick off was a disaster.

As I expected it would be: $1125 from 19 donors?

WOW!  Talk about a lack of faith!

No wonder she hasn't said anything about it.

Of those 19 forking over cash, 9 of them were courtesy donations from other democrats, current or past candidates or office holders.  And THEY coughed up a whole $530.


Embarrassing.  Sad.  Typical.

Well done, Bully.  You're holding up the side VERY well.

And, as a comparison, when Liz held her soiree' on May 10, 2012?  She picked up 41 checks totaling a mere raised $2800 or so...

Man... it sucks to be a dem.  Particularly a Bully.

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