Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shinseki hasn't been fired yet?

I've always thought he was a punk.

He's responsible for twin idiocies: that silly-assed black beret (formerly exclusive to the Rangers) for the entire Army was his idea, and his incompetence in running the VA since he got the job as an IN YOUR FACE to Bush who fired him out of Afghanistan.

The backlog is much worse: thousands of files have been destroyed and now we come to find out that apparently, dozens... maybe hundreds... have died... waiting to be seen.

This isn't a democrat thing.  This isn't a Republican thing.  This isn't even, God help me, an Obama thing.

This is a thing where some of my brothers and sisters have been gutting fucked over for years, and no one is paying for it.

Someone's got to pay.  a BUNCH of someones.  Those kids coming back broken up in Afghanistan and Iraq do not deserve any less.

Our government has lied to us for decades.  The time for the lies to stop has long since past.

And Shinseki, who SHOULD have resigned when the idiot running the show floated the bizarre idea that our combat wounded should pay health care insurance premiums to be treated... way back in 09, an idea so bizarre that even Patty Murray flipped out over it... and he just went with it.., is STILL here and for far too many, the VA has been an abysmal failure.

And he has got to go.

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Lew Waters said...

As much as I scorn Shinseki, seeing Patty Murray sitting there acting outraged and demanding answers angers me even more. Does she somehow forget she chaired the Senate veterans Affairs Committee while much of this was going on and still sits on it today? Shinseki and her both should be fired, let them walk out hand in hand