Friday, May 09, 2014

Pridemore continues his lying scum act.

What is it with the democrat candidates this year?

We look at lowlife's like Bully Winningham and Mike Briggs.  Then we segue' into scum like Craig Pridemore.

Are they that desperate?

Instead of addressing the issues confronting his upcoming loss at the polls, all Pridemore can say is “She is very close to David Madore, so she will have ample funds,” he added.

Of course, she won't NEED "ample funds," any more than Tom Mielke, outspent by democrat Joe Tanner 8 to 1, needed "ample funds."  And, equally, she is NOT "close to David Madore."  But that won't stop you scum from lying about it, will it?

But is this all Pridemore's got?

Look: Craig's got issues.  He's got a past.  He's got a pathetic legislative record.  And he's not getting the appointment so he's going to either have to quit his democrat patronage job in Olympia to campaign down here against the other two on the list, or he's going to have to stay out of it altogether.

He hooked up with the blithering, fringe-left idiots whipped up by Steve "I don't speak for the people" Stuart and Lefty Lou Brancaccio and their moronic and bogus effort to recall the conservatives on the commission...

... And THAT'S all he's got?

Here's the thing: any one of the leftist slime running, including Pridemore, will have that CRC Scam rip off hanging around their necks like jewelry.

And, with the election of Stewart, the commissioners can exercise their veto on the CTran board and bring some sanity back to that collection of whack jobs.

Panic can make you say stupid things.  And as unlikely as it was that a democrat... particularly any of the motley crew the dems put up to the commissioners this time around could win anyway... Stewart's history of fighting the CRC Scam... which extends back years... has made it impossible now.

But I'm sure Stewart knows what she's in for as Pridemore launched his own personal "war on women."

Do yourself a favor, Craig: keep your crap in Oly because you won't be moving down here any time real soon.

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