Friday, May 09, 2014

More democrat "tolerance."

Imagine what the leftist haters would be saying if, for example, a Jaime Herrera had tweeted something like this.

Check Out Clay Aiken’s ‘Tolerant’ Tweet Towards Black Republicans and Mormons From 2012


Democrat Congressional candidate Clay Aiken likes to tweet about drinking games, or at least he did in 2012. 
The American Idol runner-up tweeted about a drinking game he was having with his brother about the Republican National Convention. Aiken said he would take a drink everytime he saw a black person at the convention with the hashtag #soberasamormon. 
Apparently, using other religions as punchlines is fine in the “party of diversity” as long as those religions are overwhelmingly Republican.

Aiken, like so many others who make embarrassing statements on social media, deleted that tweet; however, Benny Johnson from Buzzfeed had a screencap of the original tweet.  
In the spirit of bipartisanship, I would like to help Clay Aiken out a little bit in order to spare him from having to take the time to find and delete embarrassing posts on social media, which really don’t go away. There are black Republicans and if you were actually paying attention, you may have actually seen some of them at the RNC.

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